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Intellectual Property Law

Brand names, product names, logos… small business or large, your company’s trademarks are some of its most valuable assets. Let us assist you on the process of trademarking & copyrighting.

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The attorneys at Mark Stumer & Associates, P.C. are highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced on all aspects of Trademark Law & Copyright Law. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Trademark Strategy and Registration

  • Trademark Management and Enforcement

  • Trademarks, URLs, and the Internet

  • Trademark Licensing

  • Trademark Litigation

  • Copyright Licensing

  • Copyright Registration, Enforcement and Litigation



Trademark Strategy & Registration

Brand names, product names, logos… small business or large, your company’s trademarks are some of its most valuable assets. After all, it is by your trademarks that your customers associate your business with the high quality goods or services it provides. The process of applying for a federal trademark registration can be complicated, and making a mistake can be costly. So if you’re just starting to think about branding efforts and what trademarks might be right for your business, our experienced lawyers can help. We will advise your domestic or foreign company in selecting an effective, strong mark, and will assist you through the process of applying for registration of the mark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and worldwide.

Trademark Licensing

Licensing others to use your trademark on goods or services can expand your business and grow revenue. However, the terms of a trademark license must be carefully crafted so as to avoid potential pitfalls. Our experienced trademark attorneys will work with you to understand your intentions, then prepare and negotiate trademark licenses that both achieve your goals and secure the goodwill associated with your trademark.

Copyright Law

Navigating the turbulent waters of copyright law on your own can be a daunting task. Our experienced copyright lawyers will assist you with all aspects of copyright registration, protection, and licensing and ensure your rights are enforced both online and off.

Trademark Management & Enforcement

Maintaining the strength of your trademarks and enforcing your rights requires vigilance. Trademark infringement, domain name squatting, and counterfeiting are an all too common occurrence for businesses today. Where do you turn when you find someone taking a free ride on your company’s goodwill? The intellectual property attorneys at Mark B. Stumer & Associates, P.C. provide effective, affordable solutions for managing and policing your trademark portfolio, from resolving priority disputes to addressing trademark infringement matters through negotiation or litigation.


Trademarks, URLs, & The Internet

We also handle domain name disputes and other cybersquatting issues, and devise strategies to police your trademarks online

Trademark Litigation

Depending on the damage that the infringer caused, it may make the most financial sense to have our firm send a simple “cease and desist” demand letter in an effort to have the infringer immediately cease the infringement and to provide us with proof that the infringement actually ceased. That usually does the trick to stop the infringement. However, if the infringement was willful, resulted in damages, or the infringer doesn’t respond “favorably” to our cease and desist demand, litigation will be necessary. Give us a call to discuss the best legal strategy for your specific infringement situation.

Copyright Licensing

Individuals and business owners alike are wise to put a high priority on leveraging the value of their intellectual property. Perhaps you are a software developer seeking to earn income by licensing your product, or a songwriter entering into a publishing deal. Whatever the case, we can help ensure the license terms are favorable and meet your unique requirements, and enforce those terms whenever and however necessary.

Copyright Registration, Enforcement & Litigation

You’ve spent a lot of time developing that piece of software or writing that screenplay. What do you do if you find someone is exploiting your work without your authorization? Our copyright attorneys have extensive experience enforcing copyrights against infringers through negotiation or litigation. Or perhaps you’ve engaged a graphic designer to create your company’s new logo. You have the files, but do you own the copyright? Through experienced and strategic contract drafting, we ensure ownership issues are addressed clearly and effectively before a copyright infringement dispute arises.



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